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Immediate Learning success - For beginners and experts!
The enJin® tool offers an intuitive, fully graphical development interface that allows a developer to produce immediate results. The rapid dialog generation routine in enJin® is one example for the enJin® philosophy: automatically generate a stable basis and start customizing immediately. The time span between defining your requests and realizing them has never been this short for beginners and experts alike. This results in high productivity, flexibility and an extreme short time to market.
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Are you ready for a hands-on experience with enJin®?
No matter whether you want to modernize a legacy application, build one from scratch or just want to learn more about enJin®, we can help you find the answers you need.
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Evaluate enJin® - Test the real product, not a limited trial version!
Try before you buy. To really get to know a product, its capability and limitations, you need to work with an unlimited version over a period of time. Many companies offer limited trial versions of their products. To dig deeper you have to buy the software for the full price. You carry the entire investment risk.
We worked out a new evaluation strategy that allows you to test the complete enJin® tool to one fifth of the full price!
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