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This company is specialized on distributing and supporting
the software production tool enJin®,  a product developed by the Data-Consulting GmbH. It addresses developers of database dependent GUI-driven applications.
enJin GmbH & Co. KG - innovative java technology, is a  spin-off of the Data-Consulting GmbH - Company for intelligent IT-Solutions (
The Data-Consulting GmbH
has been successfully implementing ERP-Applications for over twenty years.
Rapid Development with Java
enJin® is a software development tool for building efficient and professional database applications.
enJin® is the result of the  consistent appliance of object orientated programming.
enJin® is being applied very successfully for the production  and maintenance of customer-specific ERP-Applications in middle-sized businesses since 2002. This tool is being developed continuously.
enJin GmbH & Co. KG
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